Our customer-centric approach to application services enables you to modernize your enterprise application portfolio by leveraging latest innovative technologies, processes and designing with pace and agility to meet current and future business needs, reducing time to market, cost of ownership and identifying risk early in the cycle.

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Software Development

We address intractable business problems in innovative, unpredictable, and pragmatic ways by our acclaimed team and software engineering best practice and via our comprehensive network of business partners.

Our full stack software development services offer you first-hand insight to brand new modern technologies, assist you in becoming a more automated and data-driven enterprise, and help you incubate new ideas to meet your business needs. We bring together the best talent, Agile and Lean concepts and cutting-edge technology in your environment.


Our services cover the end-to-end application life cycle across customer-facing to enterprise applications. Our strategy is built on using the best technology that support continuous Integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) which is backed by our managed programs.

DevOps helps in reducing time to market, increased productivity and identifying risk early in the cycle hence reducing the maintenance cost.



Data centric approach for quality engineering.

With an intelligence and insights-driven approach, our Quality Engineering services improvises quality, increased productivity and reduced maintenance cost. We have the expertise and resources to help you build digital test strategy or transform your legacy test process. Our customer-centric approach helps enterprises to improvise user experience.

Our test services provide quality assurance, automation, continuous testing and DevOps by implementing Lean and Agile principles. With digital technology, engineering methods, we push the limits of what is possible.

Application Modernization

Modernize your legacy application to be more agile and scalable having customer experience at the center and be a partner in your journey from application assessment to migration.

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Lean Transformation

Kongruenz’s Lean Transformation Services enables businesses to become more lean, agile and adapt to change faster. To continuously change ways of working around the enterprise, we adopt Lean and Agile processes.

Our customer-centric approach enables businesses to offer high-quality applications and increase their responsiveness to market and consumer demands.

We migrate conventional delivery models to be Agile and DevOps centric for iterative and rapid updates.

Program Management

With ever-changing market dynamics and consumer demands, companies must develop innovative models that improve the customer experience while also generating new business opportunities.

Our management service aids in the implementation of real-time analytics focused on insights to increase transparency, manage risks for predictable results, and fulfill the business needs on time and on budget.

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