Who we are

who we are

We are an innovative digital technology consulting firm owned and driven by motivated women with an objective to empower, recognize and promote women in all stages of their life.

Our mission is to help organizations to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.

what we believe in

Here at Kongruenz, we believe women have a significant impact on a company’s culture, bringing inclusiveness which helps in building a very personalized customer experience, solves complex problems innovatively which directly impacts organizations profit and performance.

We are committed to assisting women rejoin and continue to be active in their career in every stage of their journey and embracing diversity in technology.


why would you work with us

Your business culture resonates who we are and our ideology of creating a more inclusive workplace for women in technology.

Our diverse team of industry analysts, branding specialists, full stack developers, cloud migration experts, data scientists, and engineers will help you achieve your business objectives.

We strive to provide unbiased, cost-effective, and relevant information to help our customers leverage the best technologies powered by AI and data analytics to align with their business strategies.

Our Partners

As part of our unwavering commitment to driving digital transformation, we have partnered with the world's best technology platform providers to unlock the full potential. Our team never turns down the opportunity to work on the quintessential combinations of cutting-edge technology and creativity for our customers.